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Relieve body pain and strengthen immunity.

Main Services

Simple affordable pricing for everyone

We are not a GST-registered entity and serve both male and female customers. (All prices quoted are nett prices)

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Foot Massage



Foot massage image

Stimulate activity of your internal organs

Relieve pressure on your legs and feet

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Body Massage



Body massage image

Relax your entire body

Improve your blood circulation

Reduce your muscle tension

Back-neck Massage


Per 20 minutes

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Relieve pain on your back and shoulders

Reduce your muscle tension


More options as you wish

Preventing is better than cure.

Cupping and scrapping image

Cupping & Scrapping

$28 / 10min

Hot stone therapy image

Hot Stone Therapy

$28 / 10min

Ear candling image

Ear Candling Therapy

$28 / 12min

Anion steam foot bath illustration

Anion steam Foot Bath

$45 / 30min

Normal herbal foot bath image

Normal Herbal Foot Bath

$8 / 5min

Special herbal foot bath image

Special Herbal Foot Bath

Focus on foot smell / foot itch / athelte's foot

$35 / 25min

Foot pedicure image

Foot Pedicure

$55 / 20min

Lymph drainage & face treatment image

Body Partial Lymph drainage & Face treatement

scrapping / massage therapy / remove blackheads

$38 / 15min

Body slimming image

Body Slimming

$85 / 45min

Facial care image

Facial Care

$98 / 45min

Give profits to customers


For details of our terms and conditions of sale, please refer to pricing table or ask our staff.

Package 1


For the first time

Package 1 image

Foot Massage 40min

Body Massage 60min

Package 2



Package 2 image

Foot Massage 40min

Shoulder and Back Massage 40min

Herbal Foot Bath

Package 3



Package 3 image

Foot Massage 40min

Body Massage 90min

Herbal Foot Bath

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